I'm an ultra runner in my spare time outside of work, who also dabbles in photography and filmmaking.

I started running in around 2016 and still remember how proud of myself I was when I ran 3km without stopping. I started running a bit more frequently in 2017 - at this stage purely to try to lose some weight and get fitter. Eventually I'd worked my way up to doing the occasional 7km run until one weekend I decided to see what would happen if I tried to run 10km.

From this point it was a snowball effect over a couple of years. I signed up to and completed my first road half-marathon in early 2018, then a 30km trail run. In 2019 I ran my first road marathon (still my only official road marathon) and then really caught the bug after signing up to my first ultra - the Bright Running Festival 50km.At the Bright 50km I was a bit under trained, but got through it in just over 6 hours and had an absolute blast. I signed up for the Ultra-Trail Australia 100km as soon as I could.

Unfortunately, at this point I didn't quite have a handle on the nutrition required to fuel this amount of running, which led to a severe stress fracture of my Fibula (the MRI technician described it as "a whopper of a stress fracture"). Overall, this led to about 6 months off running (don't ignore injuries!), and then a buildup back to regular running with the support of a sports physician and physio.

I wasn't going to be able to run the UTA100, but as it turns out the event was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I spent a lot of time cycling and walking during those 6 months.

My return to ultrarunning was with the Summit Shoalhaven 55km race in November 2020 (which happened to be on a day where the temperature was 42C). In April of 2021 I ran the Alpine Challenge 100km, hitting my goal time of "about 15 hours" in 14:58 and taking 3rd place.

I started this website with the goal of writing about some of the adventures that running and other activities takes me on, with the hope of inspiring and motivating others to get out, smash their goals and enjoy outdoor adventures in whichever way they enjoy the most.